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Flux.LA - Website Design, App Development and Marketing

We build brands and businesses through high quality graphic design, creative digital marketing, and incredible user experiences. We streamline sales, generate additional sources of revenue and optimize your tools to help you grow.  

Whether it is Android, iOS development or website design, we deliver a first-class service that will help you achieve your goals. 

Why us

Quality down to every pixel

Passionately designed and carefully constructed digital solutions that drive conversion rates up, create word-of-mouth, and increase sales. 

Business Consultancy

From content creation to delivery to structural analysis and user experience, we can craft a powerful online and offline strategy that aligns perfectly with your goals and brand. 

Why should you choose us for your website or app development?

We can promote your app to our 58,000 blog subscribers

As serial entrepreneurs, we know how to market and sell apps and ideas and will help you revise and refine your business model. 

We believe in an iterative process

We don't just make hypotheses. We test them in real markets.
With our proprietary methodology and technology, we assess, evaluate, and improve our designs on a daily basis. 

We deliver high quality results quickly

We understand timing is critical in a startup. While other design agencies will take months, we will do our best to deliver your project in just a few weeks. Rest assured however, we won't cut any corners or compromise on quality. You can take our word for that. 

Our apps have gone to raise thousands in funding

If you hire us, we will do our best to put you in touch with our connections in Silicon Valley and also give you any insights we might have for your business outside just design or development. 



Increase Conversion Rates & Revenue

Create unforgettable experiences in your customers with amazing websites and apps

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Here are some of the clients we have worked with

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Website Case Studies

Designing an Intuitive Interface for Solar Panel Stakeholders
Luskin Center and LABC Institute

Designing an Intuitive Interface for Solar Panel Stakeholders

Database querying to help solar stakeholders understand the solar potential of rooftops in the greater Los Angeles area. 

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Showcasing cutting-edge advances in nanoelectronics.
Device Research Laboratory - UCLA

Showcasing cutting-edge advances in nanoelectronics.

Dynamic, versatile and fast-loading content that creates a visually astounding experience for a world-class research lab at UCLA.  

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