Meet the Flux.LA Team

With Computer Science, Marketing, Business and Design backgrounds, we are a small team of motivated entrepreneurs and marketers. We have successfully exited one company and helped create and promote over dozens of startups in just a few months. Feel free to get in touch with anyone of us directly, we look forward to your message. 

Alejandro Rioja
Miles Anthony
Chief Designer
Kate Anoufrieva
Chief Operating Officer
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We deliver phenomenal results, quickly.

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We have 5+ years reverse-engineering marketing and SEO

We are excited to work on your SEO project or marketing campaign. With hefty experience in the industry, we are confident that we can deliver the results we promise. 

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We are extremely data-driven

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We have over 58k subscribers

We will help you craft a successful marketing campaign to put you in front of the people that matter the most to you. With powerful data analysis and using the latest technologies to understand your customers, we help you iterate and pivot as needed so you can keep growing. 

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We have a very strong and far-reaching network

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We can connect you with the right people

With a network that extends to CEO's of Fortune 1000 companies, writers at large publications, social media influencers and high profile Series A and Seed investors, we are confident that we can help you market your idea to people you didn't think it was possible. If there's anyone in our network that we think can help push your business forward, we are happy to make the introduction. 

If you are looking for funding, check out our own investment firm Flux Ventures

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2 Types of Deals

Cash or Cash&Equity

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We love working with companies of all sizes, big or small.

Every startup is different. When we become a partner, we offer marketing in exchange of cash or cash&equity, whichever makes the most financial sense to you. In either case, we become fully invested in your project and go above and beyond to overdeliver so that you hire us over and over again. 

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